CCL Clinical Systems: Achieving the Highest Quality through the Clinical Booklet Design System (ClinPro/CDS)

Every trial is unique which is precisely why producing clinical labels requires a special combination of technical know-how, thoroughly integrated quality systems, and an experienced and intelligent staff. 

CCL Clinical Systems: The Highest Quality Clinical Labels

CCL Clinical Systems adheres to strict guidelines established by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to achieve manufacturing excellence in turn delivering the highest quality products every time. Every request is met with full attention to detail to provide every client with a flawless finished product.

Singularly Focused On Clinical Labels

At CCL Clinical Systems, our entire business model is focused on one thing—accurately producing clinical labels that meet your timing goals—so we are uniquely positioned to apply all our talent, industry-specific knowledge and cutting-edge software systems on setting the industry standard.

At CCL Clinical Systems, our primary mission is to provide you with ready-to-apply clinical labels for all of your trial requirements

Producing clinical labels requires a special combination of technical prowess, well integrated quality systems and an experienced and knowledgeable staff. The data printed on clinical labels directs the administration of advanced medical treatments to subjects around the globe.

Our Singular Focus on Clinical Labels Generates Creative Solutions To Support Your Unique Study Needs

While our Clinical Booklet Labels are typically used when conducting global clinical trials, our Conventional Clinical Labels are normally used for single language studies.

How Do I Request Clinical Labels?

How Do I Request Clinical Labels? Whether you are a seasoned veteran that understands all the elements of clinical materials or just starting out in the industry, CCL Clinical Systems can help you achieve your goals. Our mission is to provide your organization with the finest service experience possible. Our professionals will guide you through [...]

A New Digital Capability for the Next Generation of Clinical Labeling

Using RFID technology, CCL Clinical Systems can now encode NFC (Near Field Communication) eLabels that will enable access to data for clinical trial materials on a smart device.

Producing clinical labels requires a special combination of technical prowess, well integrated quality systems and an experienced and knowledgeable staff

When contracting with Clinical Systems for conventional labels or multi-page booklets you will always receive the highest quality labels available in the market today.

ClinPro/TRS is the Most Sophisticated Text Reference System in the Industry


Data and Inventory Management for Your Clinical Trial

CCL Clinical Systems provides valuable Data and Inventory Management Services for your organization. We can control and verify all of the random and sequential codes used in your study to ensure that each supply is uniquely identified and that the integrity of the blind can be maintained with the numerical data that is used.