Requesting Clinical Labels

How Do I Request Clinical Labels?

Whether you are a seasoned veteran that understands all the elements of clinical materials or just starting out in the industry, CCL Clinical Systems can help you achieve your goals. Our mission is to provide your organization with the finest service experience possible.

Our professionals will guide you through the process from first contact to shipment of the finished product in several steps. Although all jobs are unique, most clinical labeling jobs would take a path similar to the sequence on the following page.

What Information Do I Need To Supply?

Send us whatever pertinent information you have on the study. If you are not sure which information to send, we can assist you. Once we see what you have provided, we may ask some questions and request some additional information to refine the requirement.

Will Clinical Systems Provide a Quote for My Job?

After thoroughly understanding your needs and gathering the pertinent information, a quotation will be provided to you, which states the exact cost and specifications for your job.

How Do I Approve My Job?

Label Proofs and Data Approvals will be provided for your review. Once the final proofs have been approved, and you give us authorization to proceed, we will take all the necessary internal steps to convert your raw materials and generate your clinical labels to support the packaging requirements of your job.

What Information Will I Receive With My Shipment?

When your job is shipped, you will receive shipment tracking information and a Job Summary Report that indicates in detail the specific way your labels have been packed and organized for easy use at the packaging location.

For more information about our Products and Services, and requesting clinical labels, contact CCL Clinical Systems today!