Randomization Services

Material Randomizations

When performing randomization services for clients, we employ our powerful ClinPro/LBL software, the most sophisticated protocol modeling program in the industry. ClinPro/LBL uses advanced algorithms and methodologies to generate random sequence codes, blocked material designs, sequential ranges and stratifications for material randomizations. These codes can be provided to you in your designated formats for uploading into an IVRS, IWRS or a packager data system. Massive quantities of codes can be generated to supply the data for your largest global trials and codes can also be utilized to produce labels when requested.

Patient Randomizations

Patient randomizations can also be generated with ClinPro/LBL. This data is generated using the same algorithms as materials but with a different methodology. We design your study needs within a randomization specification in the system to create the blocking structures and stratifications you may need for each patient population. This data can be used to generate patient specific clinical labels or can be provided as data for uploading in external systems.

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